Glads™ Nitrile
Glads™ Nitrile - The dependable alternative
Glads Nitrile powder-free examination gloves are especially designed to provide many of the form, comfort, grip and protection advantages of latex while minimising the possibility of allergenic reactions. Produced for Mölnlycke Health Care in accordance to European and US quality norms, Glads Nitrile gloves offer dependable protection and comfort for everyone.

Non-slip nitrile offers form, fit and dependable protection for sensitive skin.

Powder-free fit in a variety of sizes for comfort and flexibility.

Flat-stacked gloves in an easy-dispense glove carton ensure consistent quality

Double-washed glove production quality assured by Mölnlycke at every stage

Take comfort in Glads Nitrile
Effective barrier protection should be a comfort to everyone. Glads Nitrile examination gloves provide the benefi ts of latex without the possible reaction to that material. Gloves are produced according to EU and US safety and quality standards for Mölnlycke Health Care, the makers of Biogel surgical gloves. Glads Nitrile examination gloves are produced with double-washing and tested independently by Mölnlycke Health Care Quality Assurance – your assurance of premium protection, fi t, comfort and ependability. Available in a convenient choice of sizes, Glads Nitrile gloves are a dependable solution where the possibility of reaction to natural rubber latex is a concern.

Areas of use

For medical examination, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures

Form-fitting nitrile with textured fingers ensures proper grip and comfort without risk of allergic reaction
Powder-free yet easy to don
Textured fi ngers ensures excellent grip, even in moist conditions, allowing safe handling of instruments
5 sizes to choose from in colour-coded dispenser box system
Quality assured for safety and comfort according to EN-455 part 1 and 2 for single-use gloves in Europe, and ASTM D6124 and D6319 in the US

Glads™ Vinyl
Glads™ Vinyl

Vinyl non-sterile examination gloves, powder free.

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